Maps Overview

  • Choose Quests in list or on Map

  • Search for Quests by keyword

  • Watch the progress meter grow

  • View Quests by progress level

Maps FAQ


How do I explore a Quest on the Map?

On the left side of your Map screen, click Choose a Quest or search for one by keywords. After you've clicked on one from the Quest list, you'll get a preview of the Quest - click Explore to start that Quest.

How can I see my progress on the Quests I've explored?

Once you've graded yourself on a Quest, the medallion will appear on your map, regardless of your level (Not Yet, On My Way, Got It).

Click on the levels on the far right of the Map screen to have the Quests highlighted from that level.

Maps HOW-TO Flipbook

Flip through the annotated images below to learn how to navigate a CoreAtlas Map.