Support your child on a lifelong learning journey with

The fun Home-School Connector that develops critical thinking.


CoreAtlas helps your child:

  • Explore entire grade levels at their own pace - all the Math, Science, Reading & Writing (Personal Quests too!).

  • Remember what they're learning through spatial memory techniques and tools to chart progress.

  • Develop metacognition (essential critical thinking skill) using leveled prompts and feedback (from you!).


With CoreAtlas, you can...

Stay in touch with your child’s thinking.

Knowing what your child is thinking and how they are feeling about learning lets you confidently & quickly help your child think it through.


Give organization to your child’s learning.

Pathways toward success are made clear with simpler text & comic-book art. Now you’ll get more joy when supporting your child across all the major subjects. 


Bring everyone together.

Gather 'round!  Watch your child explain what, why & how they are learning Math, Language Arts & Science. Your question "What did you learn in school today?" will never be the same! We guarantee it.

Beautiful artwork draws attention near, while thoughtful questions draw children's critical thinking out. Children can even set their own personal learning quests. Maybe family goals can make it onto their map?

CoreAtlas is available as web app, and as HUGE 27x32" durable print product, family & friends will have every chance to join in, ask questions, and encourage your child’s love of learning.


Using the Print CoreAtlas at Home?

Watch our Parent Video Series here...


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