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Mind My Education® (MME) seeks to cultivate a more compassionate society of aware, curious, & empowered learners. We offer pathways to organize & enhance curricular maps for all stakeholders in schools & educational orgs (Students, Guardians, Teachers, Admin, Community Partners). Based in neuroscience + the art & science of pedagogy, we’ve produced engaging, never-before-seen tools, like CoreAtlas, and consulting services that help students take the lead on encouraging feedback & pushing their own learning, thereby making the educational system more enjoyable (and useful) for all stakeholders, from each student’s “core” on up!

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Personalize learning... without being 25 places at once.

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Metacognitive entry/exit tickets for ALL Math, Science, & ELA.

  • Students grade themselves & develop a growth mindset using scaffolded metacognitive prompts.

  • You see student thinking & give formative feedback.

  • Works flexibly with your teaching: as homework, a center, or whole class.


Explore print & digital CoreAtlas for grades 34, & 5 here.


With CoreAtlas, you can:

1. Simplify the standards.

CoreAtlas presents all Common Core Math, ELA, & Next Gen. Science Standards in kid-friendly language. Now you and your students can feel organized. There's space for notes, critical thinking, and charting progress.

With CoreAtlas, your students have a learning journal for the whole school year that they'll love.


2. Easily enhance any lesson.

CoreAtlas works flexibly with any curriculum or teaching style.

Give your students a few moments to reflect, ask questions, and make plans with CoreAtlas. It will increase engagement and success.

You keep teaching the lessons you already love; CoreAtlas will simply enhance effectiveness. 


3. Supercharge your teaching.

CoreAtlas uses insights from modern cognitive neuroscience and what works in teaching & learning to match the way the brain works best. 

You can see that when students self-grade, they tend to be much more successful. And when they self-assess, you can test less! Self-assessment is the keystone of CoreAtlas.

The research is out there; now you can bring it into your classroom.


Want to share CoreAtlas with your principal or superintendent?

Download our easily shareable info packet here.

Or direct them to our CoreAltas page for administrators.


How CoreAtlas works

1. You & your students get the big picture.

CoreAtlas maps all the MathLanguage Arts, and Science you'll teach this year, so students can chart their own progress. They'll better remember what they've learned and be primed for your future lessons.


2. Students self assess.

With each Quest, students self-grade and learn to be more aware of their thinking. Self-reported grades is the #1 influence on student achievement!*

With the Teacher Dashboard you get a quick look at who needs help and who's ready for a challenge.

*student effects


3. You offer feedback.

For every Quest, students are prompted to name challenges, ask questions, and make plans.

You get a window into their thinking AND the chance to give timely, meaningful support.


4. Student ownership becomes a reality.

As students take charge of their learning, you'll notice increased engagement, AND less burden on you. When students self-assess, you can test less!



Made for you by fellow teachers, scientists, and artists from around the world.

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Your students can take charge of their learning like never before.

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