Students Overview

  • Manage student accounts

  • Assign Learning Maps + Guides

  • Make learning groups (e.g., 1st period, ELL)

Students FAQ


I added all of my students - why don't I see them in Charts?

In the Students page, click Select All, then add yourself as a Guide and select a Map. Now you should see them in your Charts.

Can I delete a student account?

If you no longer want to Guide a student, you can select their name on your Students page, click Guides & Maps along the top of your screen, and then deselect yourself.

To delete a student's account entirely

Students: HOW-TO Flipbook

Flip through the annotated images below to see how you can create, manage, and Group Student accounts.

  1. Open your Main Menu by clicking your avatar (top right of screen). Click Students.
  2. Click the blue to add a Student.
  3. Either add a Student by entering their email address (they'll need to confirm via email) or by clicking "Create without email."
  4. If creating a Student account without email, you'll need to enter a username and a password (they can enter their own birthday when they first log in.
  5. Once you've made Student accounts, click Select All along the top of your screen. Next to that, click Add Guides to add yourself (and any other support teachers, such as: aides, co-teachers, etc) and Select a Map to guide them on.
  6. Optional: Split your students up into Groups by selecting multiple students (hold down SHIFT key) and clicking Add Group along the top of your screen.