Quests Overview

  • Read the Quest (a learning goal)

  • View an image or example of success

  • Visit Resources for learning help

  • Self-evaluate progress on learning journey meter

  • Post images, drawings, and metacognitions (self-reflection)

Quests FAQ


I clicked to Explore a Quest. Now what am I supposed do?

Your job is to:
1. Know your learning goal (written in the top left corner of the screen).
2. Look at the image (an example of success).
3. Self-evaluate. With this Quest, are you at Not Yet, On My Way, or Got It?
4. Post your thinking in words, pictures, or drawings.
5. Click the medallion on the bottom of your screen to add it to your Map.

Where are the practice problems?

There are NO practice problems in CoreAtlas. There is nothing to get wrong.

But if you want to learn more or try some practice, you can click the Resources button on the bottom right of your screen.

How can students learn more about the Quest?

Click the Resources button on the bottom right of your screen - it will show any Resources hand-picked by your Guides and let you do a Google Safe Search of videos related to that Quest.

Learn how to add Resources to a Quest here:

Quests HOW-TO Flipbook

Flip through the annotated images below to learn how you explore a Quest.

  1. Read the Quest, and make sure you understand it - this is your learning goal.
  2. Look at the image - it may show you an example of success with this learning goal or more information.
  3. Evaluate yourself. With this Quest, are you at Not Yet, On My Way, or have you Got It? You can adjust this learning journey meter whenever your learning grows.
  4. Post your thoughts, using words, pictures, or drawings. You're building a learning conversation with yourself, to keep your thinking all in one place.
  5. Add your Quest medallion to your Map - you're building a memory palace of everything you're learning!