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Organize video lessons so students can rewatch them anytime!

Have an online activity or video you use to enhance your teaching?

CoreAtlas Resources helps organize them by learning goal, so you have them year after year. Plus, Resources help students advance or review what you're teaching on their own. 

Many Quests already have some our favorite, valuable (and free) resources. 

How to scaffold deeper, next level 💭thinking💭

Critical thinking doesn't just happen.

CoreAtlas' scaffolded prompts help your students learn to ask questions, identify challenges, make plans, and give proof of learning. Here's the next level of support.

Which skills matter most? We may have a Map for that.

From the ABCs, to Social Emotional Learning, to Makerspaces, to thinking like a Scientist... We’re creating new CoreAtlas Learning Maps all the time, so your students can take charge of their learning.


See how a CoreAtlas teacher sets her students up for success.

Assign Quests on your whiteboard (or in-app Messaging) like this 5th grade Teacher!

  1. Post Quests on the whiteboard(perhaps as Must Do & May Do like this teacher did).
  2. Students explore Quests across the week by self-evaluating & posting their questions, challenges, and evidence of learning.
  3. Students work independently on Quests - as homeworkbell work in the mornings, center activity, or during independent time (eg SSR). More ideas here.

When you model *metacognition* everyone wins! 

Asking yourself questions, naming challenges, making plans... these metacognitive strategies are key for success. Study after study shows metacognition plays a central role in learning and achievement.

Not all students use metacognition, though. They might need you to show them how. 

Differentiate tomorrow's lesson (with no prep time today)

"One-size-fits-all" lessons can be a thing of the past.

Let your students funnel themselves into a leveled activity by self-evaluating before any lesson.

You need to know student progress. Is a quiz necessary?

Quizzes and tests cause lots of stress & can be a pain to grade. I'll never forget the time I gave a 4th grade fractions quiz. One of my students drew a ☹️  sad face at the top and wrote "Sorry Ms. Niesen." Why did I make her take that quiz? She and I both knew she hadn't mastered fractions yet. 

Try this: Replace any quiz with a CoreAtlas Not-A-Quiz!

Instant Mini-lesson. Just add CoreAtlas.

Need a mini-lesson for ANY standard?

You've got all the mini-lessons you need, ready to go, in CoreAtlas.

Which students want help? Close a lesson with CoreAtlas and you'll know.

You just finished teaching an awesome lesson.

Which students still want help??

Not all students voice their confusion out loud. Use CoreAtlas as a lesson closer to keep you in the know.

Build relationships by learning what your students already know.

Curious what your students already know, and what they don't?

Let your students show you! This will build relationships (*one of the top things you can do to grow their academic confidence).