Guides Overview

  • Invite Guides (co-teachers, aides, parents, etc.)

  • Help Guides respond to Student posts

Guides FAQ


Who should I add as additional Guides for my students?

Anyone that you trust to offer students feedback on their learning posts. This may be a fellow teacher, a student teacher, TAs, a tutor, a parent...

Will I see what another Guide(s) writes to my students?

Yes. As Guides that share a student(s), you both have the ability to join in the learning conversations on a Quest - when you do, it'll look like a group chat.

I graded a student at Not Yet for a Quest - can other Guides for that student change my grade?

Yes. With each Quest, there is a "student self-grade" and a "teacher grade". As Guides that share a student, both of you have the authority to enter/change the "teacher grade" - the current "teacher grade" reflects whatever was entered last.

Guides HOW-TO Flipbook

Flip through the annotated images below to see how you can add resources to Quests on your students' Maps.

  1. Open your Main Menu by clicking your avatar (top right of screen). Click Guides.
  2. Click the blue + in the bottom right of your screen. Type the email address of a colleague (assistant, resource specialist, co-teacher, tutor, etc) to invite them to CoreAtlas.
  3. Meanwhile: Your colleague will receive a Welcome email saying that you invited them to confirm & start a CoreAtlas account.
  4. You'll instantly be able to add students to this new Guide.