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Mind My Education® (MME) seeks to cultivate a more compassionate society of aware, curious, & empowered learners. We offer pathways to organize & enhance curricular maps for all stakeholders in schools & educational orgs (Students, Guardians, Teachers, Admin, Community Partners). Based in neuroscience + the art & science of pedagogy, we’ve produced engaging, never-before-seen tools, like CoreAtlas, and consulting services that help students take the lead on encouraging feedback & pushing their own learning, thereby making the educational system more enjoyable (and useful) for all stakeholders, from each student’s “core” on up!

Support: Gradebook

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Gradebook Overview

  • Make notes to yourself about student progress

  • Add Teacher grades

  • Document learning moments for conferences & reports

Gradebook FAQ


Who can see the notes I make in my Gradebook?

No one can. Not even other Guides. You'll see a note under where you type that says "SEEN ONLY BY ME" to ensure you're writing in the correct (private) window.

Gradebook HOW-TO Flipbook

Flip through the annotated images below to see how you can use Gradebook to keep private notes about student progress.

  1. Open your Main Menu by clicking your avatar (top right of screen). Click Gradebook.
  2. Choose which Quest you'd like to record a note on, or switch the toggle to ALL.
  3. Click the yellow to add a private note (seen only be you).
  4. To the right side of your private notes you can see what that student wrote about that particular Quest. This may help you in your note-keeping. You can also click on the student posts screen to respond to the student if you'd like - this WILL be seen by the student.