Charts Overview

  • Check progress (sort by Student or Quest)

  • Add Teacher grades

  • Give feedback to Students

  • Identify groups for differentiated instruction

Charts FAQ


How can I view how all of my students' self-grades on a single Quest?

Near the top left of your screen in the Charts view, switch from the Students tab to the Quests tab. Here you can choose any Quest and see how all of your students have graded themselves.

I see how students graded themselves, but what about their questions, challenges, and evidence of mastery?

Click on any bar in your Charts to see what a student posted. You'll be able to respond as well!

I don't want to see ALL of my students at once in a Chart - is there a way to just see some at a time?

Yes! Put your students into Groups in your Students page, then when you are in the Charts view you can look at All Students or particular Groups.

This video will show you how:

Charts HOW-TO Flipbook

Flip through the annotated images below to learn about using Charts.

  1. Open your Main Menu by clicking your avatar (top right of screen). Click Charts.
  2. By default you see how one of your students has self-graded across all Quests. Switch students by clicking on another student name on the far left of your screen.
  3. To see how your whole class has self-graded on a single Quest, switch from the Students tab on the top left to the Quests tab.
  4. In the Chart, you may notice some bars have two different colors: the main color reflects the student's self-grade; the color on the far right of the bar reflects your grade.
  5. Click any bar in the Chart to learn more about what that student posted (eg: questions, challenges, evidence) and to respond.