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Mind My Education® (MME) seeks to cultivate a more compassionate society of aware, curious, & empowered learners. We offer pathways to organize & enhance curricular maps for all stakeholders in schools & educational orgs (Students, Guardians, Teachers, Admin, Community Partners). Based in neuroscience + the art & science of pedagogy, we’ve produced engaging, never-before-seen tools, like CoreAtlas, and consulting services that help students take the lead on encouraging feedback & pushing their own learning, thereby making the educational system more enjoyable (and useful) for all stakeholders, from each student’s “core” on up!

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What is CoreAtlas?

Available in printdigital, and blended models, CoreAtlas helps students develop critical thinking across a whole year of Math, Reading, Writing, and Science Standards.

With the Map, students get the big picture of what they're learning. Stickers and badges are used to chart progress.

In the Learning Journal, kid-friendly language and comic-book illustrations make learning goals clear. Students grade themselves and practice metacognition to develop their thinking. This gives teachers insights so they know the best way to help progress learning.

CoreAtlas turns learning into a fantastical journey that students love, makes teachers feel more organized, and parents more able to help.

Why does it work?



Metacognition, self-grading, clear goals, concept mapping... We’ve known for a long time that these research-backed strategies work. CoreAtlas just brings them all together. Insights from cognitive neuroscience + top education research forms the CoreAtlas metacognitive process, helping students learn how to learn.


Teaching is hard; we know first-hand. Created by an elementary teacher of 10 years and a college professor, CoreAtlas helps implement Common Core and Next Gen Science Standards. Feedback from hundreds of students and their teachers helped shape the CoreAtlas, making it ready to meet the real needs of real classrooms.



Enough with the clip art. We’re living in an increasingly visual world, and if we want to engage students, education materials must be as beautiful and diverse as students are. Illustrated by artists around the world, CoreAtlas delights students and draws them into fantastical worlds where they can explore their thinking.


Meet the Founding Team

 Paul Bulakowski   Co-founder. Product Owner. Visionary.

Paul Bulakowski

Co-founder. Product Owner. Visionary.
 Sara Niesen   Co-founder. Product Development & User Support.

Sara Niesen

Co-founder. Product Development & User Support.
 Jacob Ehrlich   Software Development. Coding wizard.

Jacob Ehrlich

Software Development. Coding wizard.

Plus a team of artists from around the world, featuring diverse art styles from diverse latitudes/longitudes!

Timeline of Mind My Education:

  • May 2016: Time to launch our IndieGogo campaign! As of now, CoreAtlas is being used in 15 classrooms from Los Angeles to Seattle.

  • April 2016: 5th grade CoreAtlas creation is in full force to finish the Grade 3-4-5 Trilogy.

  • March 2016: First lines of code committed for (the digital version of this metacognitive learning tool)!

  • February 2016: 3rd grade CoreAtlas is complete and premieres in 4 Bay Area classrooms!

  • January 2016: Team begins expanding after exhibiting at Berkeley’s Diversity in Tech job fair, to include: software engineers, graphic designers, sales team, and business advisors.

  • November 2015: CoreAtlas endorsed by world famous education researcher and author of Visible Learning, Dr. John Hattie: "I have worked through the CoreAtlas – very engaging, attractive, and seems right on task (both surface and deep learning). I am impressed with the attention to the learning intentions from the very first page, and the multiple pathways through the lessons. The key elements are present including being curious, keeping records of progress, making it your own, and sharing – how to do both the latter at the right times is important and all too rare. CoreAtlas allows for error, which surely is the essence of all learning – from Not Yet, to On My Way, Yes! Got It and I’ve Used it in Life.  This is a pleasure, beautifully laid out, no one right way, and helps student see their learning in action." 

  • September 2015:  Focused work on 3rd grade CoreAtlas begins.

  • August 2015: School’s in session! Ten 4th grade classrooms in Southern and Northern California start the year with the CoreAtlas.

  • June 2015: Results of beta-tests are in. We revise the CoreAtlas based on feedback and focus on business development.

  • March 2015: 4th grade CoreAtlas pilot tests with 175 students and their teachers begin!

  • September 2014: CoreAtlas idea is born. Bryan leaves to pursue his passion: music. Work on 4th grade CoreAtlas begins. HUNDREDS of iterations...

  • June 2014: Sara goes on leave from the classroom to focus on MME full-time.

  • May 2014: Mind My Education, LLC is formed.

  • December 2013: After lots of informal consulting, Sara officially joins the MME founding team. We begin to offer classroom outreach and start creating brain science curriculum.

  • October 2013: Bryan, a fellow cognitive neuroscientist, joins the MME founding team.

  • September 2013: Paul has a vision of bringing neuroscience to young people. The seed for Mind My Education is planted. 

  • September 2013: Paul resigns professorship to study why the education system isn't preparing most K-12 students for college - and what to do about it.