Project Based Learning (PBL) can be an engaging, goal-focused and learner-led experience. Solid preparation is key for teachers and other guides so they, too, can be present and enjoy the PBL learning journey as it unfolds.

Below are some tips about how to use best practices, tools, and examples for improved success with PBL. Please write us to say how we can improve or for additional professional development opportunities.


Create your own Project Map in CoreAtlas - and share it with colleagues! Here’s how.

Want guided support? Contact us to schedule a personalized training here.


Logistics for PBL with CoreAtlas. Get quick tips on time, materials, and “I do”/“Students do” here.


Other Resources

“many of the essential components of PBL turn out to be highly effective. Formative assessment, critical for project success, comes in at 0.90. Feedback, another key to PBL, has an effect size of 0.73. Challenge and practice at the right level: 0.60.”