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Mind My Education presents the CoreAtlas Trilogy ~ A set of fantastical spatial learning maps and metacognitive guidebooks to guide yourself through the Common Core Math, Language Arts, & Next Generation Science Standards... personal QUESTS too! Now taking pre-sale orders for Grades 3-4-5 for this summer and next school year. 

Launch CoreAtlas

Launch CoreAltas in your Classroom

Try this simple, 45 min lesson plan:

Before the lesson:

During the lesson:

  1. Have students log-in to their CoreAtlas accounts and play for a bit (they can't break anything!). 
  2. Discuss. What did you notice? What do you wonder?
  3. Watch the introductory student video (below and also in students' Main Menu under "Help") as a class and talk about new understandings. 
  4. Next, model exploring a Quest (maybe something you just taught them?). 
  5. Have students explore that Quest on their own by grading themselves and posting their questions, challenges, and evidence. 
  6. Meanwhile, you can use Charts to track student self-grades, see student thinking, and respond, all in real-time. Projecting your screen as you do this (if students are okay with it) will help them see how CoreAtlas is building understanding and conversations between them and you about their learning progress. 
  7. Wrap up discussion: What do you feel excited about? What do you wonder? 

After the lesson:

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