Learning gets easier with practice.

MME helps align your curriculum with brain-based learning science research to achieve more than before, whether online, in place, or a blend of both.


meta-cognition (def.) n. reflection on thinking & learning. 

Using metacognition helps deepen understanding. It is the core our philosophy and EDU offerings.



Key Learning Practices




Reflecting on the pace of learning growth is a habit of top achievers.




Building up strong critical thinking skills just makes sense. Meta-cognition is the key.




Trusted relationships are built with quick check-ins & resource sharing.


How can MME help you LEARN SMARTER?

To take ownership in their growth—that’s what our children need.
— — Gretchen, parent
I love that CoreAtlas helps my students monitor their learning and set goals. It helps me know what I’m teaching.
— — Alexandria, primary teacher
...the backbone of the course.
— — high school student
The key elements are present including being curious, keeping records of progress, making it your own, and sharing – how to do both the latter at the right times is important and all too rare. The Atlas allows for error, which surely is the essence of all learning – from Not yet, to On my way, yes I got it and I’ve used it in life.
— Dr. John Hattie, Educational Researcher & Author, Visible Learning