We offer tools and advice help organize and map educational goals.



We use only research-based and brain-aligned learning strategies, including…




Clear goals help the top achievers track their own progress as they learn.
Self-evaluation grows awareness and signals to Teacher-Guides where they can help.




Metacognition is the key executive brain function of being able to reflect. Scaffolded practice helps learning generally.
Once too messy to document, our unique mapping tools helps all stakeholders learn how to learn.




Quick check-ins aide learning because they show listening, encouragement & resource sharing.
Put all the pieces together and begin to build trusted learning relationships.


Let us inspire your educational goals

To take ownership in their growth—that’s what our children need.
— — Gretchen, parent
I love that CoreAtlas helps my students monitor their learning and set goals. It helps me know what I’m teaching.
— — Alexandria, primary teacher
...the backbone of the course.
— — High School Student
The key elements are present including being curious, keeping records of progress, making it your own, and sharing – how to do both the latter at the right times is important and all too rare. The Atlas allows for error, which surely is the essence of all learning – from Not yet, to On my way, yes I got it and I’ve used it in life.
— Dr. John Hattie, Educational Researcher & Author, Visible Learning