MME’s pedagogy grows from formative feedback of student-learners, teacher-guides, administrators, researchers, & families. Efficacy results coming from diverse, real-world settings (in person, online, & blended) - are clear:

CoreAtlas students take charge of their learning.

Student ownership is great news for teachers, too! When students take more responsibility for learning, teachers are freed up to give feedback.

The secret? Clear learning goals & metacognition.

*Statistic from study of >175 Elem. School Students.

I like that I can grade myself.
You’re being DA BOSS of your own learning.
CoreAtlas helps me decide what I’m good at, and what I need to work on.

CoreAtlas helps students deepen growth mindsets.

Nearly twice the amount of students show a growth mindset in CoreAtlas classrooms compared to the national average*.

The secret: growth mindsets aren't just about praising effort. CoreAtlas students chart their own progress & learn strategies to improve.

*Statistic from Education Action Zone’s study of >2,000 US children, “Implicit Theories of Intelligence”.

CoreAtlas makes you think, and it’s very beneficial to grow your brain.
With CoreAtlas, you can reflect and grow your brain, so that in college you’re ready.
When you think about how you’re doing in school, you can plan how to improve.

CoreAtlas students feel less stress about learning.

Effective learning doesn’t have to be stressful. 24/7 access to models of success & helpful resources provide a secure base for learning.

The secret: when students experience why they are learning, they are empowered to provide personal examples of mastery.

CoreAtlas fits my learning needs exactly.
I like how CoreAtlas shows you what you’re going to learn, so it’s not a surprise when it happens.
CoreAtlas helps me feel confident.

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