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Mind My Education® (MME) seeks to cultivate a more compassionate society of aware, curious, & empowered learners. We offer pathways to organize & enhance curricular maps for all stakeholders in schools & educational orgs (Students, Guardians, Teachers, Admin, Community Partners). Based in neuroscience + the art & science of pedagogy, we’ve produced engaging, never-before-seen tools, like CoreAtlas, and consulting services that help students take the lead on encouraging feedback & pushing their own learning, thereby making the educational system more enjoyable (and useful) for all stakeholders, from each student’s “core” on up!

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Thank you educators.

We're here to help.


1. Make CCSS/NGSS easy to understand.

2. Organize your entire teaching day.

3. Enhance learning in ANY lesson.

4. Teach students HOW to learn.

5. Bridge school & life.


Watch this video to see how it works, and scroll down for a deeper dive.


A deeper dive into the CoreAtlas:


1. Make CCSS/NGSS easy to understand.

The Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards are written at a college reading level. Yikes!

Studies show that making learning goals clear has a tremendous impact on learning, but it's hard to do that when the standards take effort for even adults to unpack. You don't want to just hand your students a PDF of the official CCSS!

Some companies put "I can" statements in front of the standards, but can you imagine your students' faces if you put on their desks a paper that says: "I CAN understand a fraction a/b with a > 1 as a sum of fractions 1/b"?! 

Each page of the CoreAtlas guidebook explains one CCSS or NGSS standard in simple words with engaging, diverse, cartoon-like illustrations. 


2. Organize your entire teaching day, month, and year.

You have a LOT of different things to teach. We know - we mapped them all!

By putting all of the CCSS Math, Language Arts, and Next Gen Science standards onto one map, both in a spatial map and as a list, teachers have told us it helps them wrap their heads around their scope and sequence, and collaborate with colleagues!

Each Quest Pin on the map is one of the standards, and around the pin you'll find a short Quest Title, explaining what that standard is about. The same information is in the Quest Guide (the back inside cover of the CoreAtlas guidebook) but written in list form.

Whether you're a list person or you like to see spatial webs of connections, we've got you covered.


3. Enhance learning in ANY lesson.

CoreAtlas levels up your lessons - it doesn't replace them.

Keep using any curriculum or teaching style you prefer: PBL, Blended, Inquiry-based, Traditional text books, Writers' Workshop... 

CoreAtlas is the framework that brings it all together, no matter how you like to teach. It gives you and your students a clear guide to the things that need to be learned, but how you get there is up to you and your students! 

Teachers find that just 3 minutes of metacognition (thinking about thinking) before, during, and/or after a lesson boosts their students' thinking, increases engagement, and gives them a window into student progress.


4. Teach students HOW to learn.

For your students to do really well (in school, on tests, in LIFE), they don't just need to learn discrete skills. CoreAtlas will help you teach your students to learn how to be learners, so they can succeed in anything they want to.

Each CoreAtlas guidebook page (see annotated version to the right) walks students through a learning journey on one CCSS or NGSS standard, where they can self-evaluate and practice metacognition (thinking about thinking).

Research shows self-evaluation/self-report grades to be the #1 influence on student achievement.


5. Bridge school & life.

As your students embody the CoreAtlas learning approach, they’ll apply it to their personal quests as well! Not only will this show your students that their personal interests have a place in their education, but you'll be gaining insights into what excites and motivates them!

If a student is creating personal quests of learning to play guitar, perhaps the next time you work on math together the story problem could be about how many times a certain chord is strummed per song!


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