Pro Teacher Tips Lesson:

Level Up Metacognition. Be SPECIFIC.

Before the lesson:

  1. Download the BE SPECIFIC poster here. It'll serve as a helpful visual aid for students.

During the lesson:

  1. Teach students how to say SPECIFIC in sign language - have them practice saying and signing it together.
  2. Tell students that you're going to teach them a key to leveling up their metacognition (or thinking about thinking): being SPECIFIC. 
  3. Model exploring a Quest on - can be Math, ELA, Science, or even a Personal Quest.
  4. As you model posting your challenges, questions, or evidence, be VAGUE (eg: This is hard; I'll practice; I'll try harder).
  5. Invite students to take turns encouraging you with the phrase (and sign language!): BE SPECIFIC. 
  6. Model posting again with specifics, including information about WHAT is hard, WHY it's hard, WHAT you'll try harder, HOW/WHEN you'll practice... etc.
  7. Challenge students to add posts in their CoreAtlas that are SPECIFIC - maybe add posts to a Quest they've already explored but were vague with, or start new Quests.

After the lesson: 

  1. Give feedback to student posts in - celebrate students that were specific in their thinking! 

Questions? Suggestions?