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We are Mind My Education.

Founders' Story

CoreAtlas co-creators, Sara & Paul

CoreAtlas co-creators, Sara & Paul

Paul and Sara co-founded Mind My Education to help young children prepare for a future we can only imagine. Everyone needs to learn HOW to learn, so we can learn... anything.

Paul, while a university professor of psychology, noticed something that is well documented: student enthusiasm for learning dropped way off before college. Students often weren't connecting school learning to their lives. To help fix this huge problem, Paul weaves insights from the cognitive & learning sciences (among other fields) into CoreAtlas.

Sara, elementary teacher of 10 years, wanted to help her students take charge of their learning: to reflect, ask good questions, set goals, and make plans. Finding there were no tools for metacognition and self-directed learning in the elementary classroom, she decided to make one. Sara's expertise shapes CoreAtlas as a practical tool for real classrooms and learning environments.

Mind My Education Team

Paul   Co-founder. Cognitive Scientist. Bicyclist. Optimist.


Co-founder. Cognitive Scientist. Bicyclist. Optimist.

Sara   Co-founder. Head of Teacher Support. Story-crafter.


Co-founder. Head of Teacher Support. Story-crafter.

Jacob   Co-founder. Code Wizard. Self-defense instructor.  


Co-founder. Code Wizard. Self-defense instructor.  

Leorina   Software engineer. Yogini. Family style dining.  


Software engineer. Yogini. Family style dining.  


CoreAtlas Artists

Celebrating diverse styles from around the globe!




Mind My Education Timeline

  • July 2018: For any audience, read, learn, & apply Learning Science. Free, beta release! www.MindMyEducation.com/research2

  • Summer 2018: With new rostering tools & single sign on OATH, CoreAtlas is ready to implement, regardless the size of your learning organization.

  • January 2017: www.CoreAtlas.io launched in first classroom ever! Teacher reported students begged "Can we PLEASE have to do this for homework tonight?" 

  • December 2016: After 9 months of blowing our minds and building the CoreAtlas App from the ground up (wow!), Jacob officially joins the MME founding team.

  • September 2016: Completion of 5th grade CoreAtlas! 

  • July 2016: Alpha testing www.CoreAtlas.io / Our new web app

  • May 2016: IndieGogo campaign. Thanks to our >100 supporters! (*if you would still like to support us, click here :)

  • April 2016: 5th grade CoreAtlas creation is in full force to finish the Grade 3-4-5 Trilogy.

  • March 2016: First lines of code committed for www.CoreAtlas.io (the digital version of this metacognitive learning tool)!

  • February 2016: 3rd grade CoreAtlas is complete and premieres in 4 Bay Area classrooms!

  • January 2016: Team begins expanding after exhibiting at Berkeley’s Diversity in Tech job fair, to include: software engineers, graphic designers, sales team, and business advisors.

  • November 2015: CoreAtlas endorsed by world famous education researcher and author of Visible Learning, Dr. John Hattie: "I have worked through the CoreAtlas – very engaging, attractive, and seems right on task (both surface and deep learning). I am impressed with the attention to the learning intentions from the very first page, and the multiple pathways through the lessons. The key elements are present including being curious, keeping records of progress, making it your own, and sharing – how to do both the latter at the right times is important and all too rare. CoreAtlas allows for error, which surely is the essence of all learning – from Not Yet, to On My Way, Yes! Got It and I’ve Used it in Life.  This is a pleasure, beautifully laid out, no one right way, and helps student see their learning in action." 

  • September 2015:  Focused work on 3rd grade CoreAtlas begins.

  • August 2015: School’s in session! Ten 4th grade classrooms in Southern and Northern California start the year with the CoreAtlas.

  • June 2015: Results of beta-tests are in. We revise the CoreAtlas based on feedback and focus on business development.

  • March 2015: 4th grade CoreAtlas pilot tests with 175 students and their teachers begin with success!

  • September 2014: CoreAtlas idea is born. Bryan leaves to pursue his passion: music (*update 9/16: CoreAtlas is getting a soundtrack!). Work on 4th grade CoreAtlas begins. HUNDREDS of iterations...

  • June 2014: Sara goes on leave from the elementary classroom to focus on MME full-time.

  • May 2014: Mind My Education, LLC is formed.

  • December 2013: After informal consulting, Sara officially joins the MME founding team. We begin classroom outreach and start creating brain science curriculum.

  • October 2013: Bryan, a fellow cognitive neuroscientist, joins the MME founding team. 

  • September 2013: Paul has a vision of bringing neuroscience to young people. The seed for Mind My Education is planted. 

  • September 2013: Paul resigns professorship to study why the K-12 education system isn't working - and what to do about it.

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