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Mind My Education presents the CoreAtlas Trilogy ~ A set of fantastical spatial learning maps and metacognitive guidebooks to guide yourself through the Common Core Math, Language Arts, & Next Generation Science Standards... personal QUESTS too! Now taking pre-sale orders for Grades 3-4-5 for this summer and next school year. 

4th grade coreatlas map crop without pins.png

4th grade

4th grade:

Wander fantastical lands...

Navigate 4th grade confidently.


All CCSS Math, Language Arts, and NGSS Science you have to teach 4th graders, in one place!

Learning Journal

Students make critical thinking a daily habit across the curriculum.


Explore the 4th grade CoreAtlas

A visual-checklist of the standards

Each pin on the map is one Common Core or Next Gen. Science Standard: a Quest for students to embark on. The numbers match the Quests in the Learning Journal.


A learning journal for the entire year 

Give students one learning journal that includes all Math, Reading, Writing, and Science - print or digital.

Standards are translated into kid-friendly language, so learning goals are now clear. Students embody a growth mindset and think things through as they move forward on the learning journey path.


The CoreAtlas print option lets students easily self-grade and take notes throughout the school day.

The CoreAtlas web app works across all devices. It gives students the same chance to self-grade, and take notes, PLUS it connects them with digital resources.


Stickers & badges chart the journey 

With a virtual or real-life sticker for each Quest, the map becomes a year-long checklist of everything students are learning.

Students add a Quest Pin sticker whenever you start teaching something new. Now they can see where they've been, and where they're going. 


See CoreAtlas in action!


See the map as it developed!

4th Grade Mind My Education MME-4thgrade-map-build-v1-4.gif

After 2 years of development, iteration, and feedback from hundreds of students, their teachers, and families... CoreAtlas is ready for you.